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Organizations nowadays are facing ever-increasing amounts of digital data that must be stored, protected and made available to multiple users. This data detonation is hitting all aspects of the business & organizations. One most important example that is affecting the majority of the businesses is email. Email is expected to continue its double-digit growth for the foreseeable future. Customers are now struggling with how to manage this massive data growth.

Rootshell Inc can help you by offering best-in-class archiving solution tool Cloud SHARK. In addition, we have several archival and e-discovery packages that can handle all of your archival needs, whether for one application, such as email, or a corporate-wide archival strategy to handle all of your archival needs. Let us help you make the correct archival or e-discovery solution that will meet all of your requirements today and in the future.

Cloud SHARK data archiving tool enables archiving, users to store, manage and discover unstructured information across the organization. This tool reduces the size of primary storage and applications by moving off emails and files, applying deduplication, compression and makes a searchable index of all archived information. Users can archive across multiple content sources such as Exchange and Domino, SharePoint and Windows file servers and leverage a tiered storage strategy for retention and deletion. It also streamlines data management processes to help organizations save time and money by providing data classification, centralized meta-data management, policy-based data placement, protection, migration, long-term retention and recovery to help organizations effectively manage and utilize data according to business requirements. Reduce the cost of storing vast data repositories by providing a powerful, easily managed, cost-effective way to access, retain and protect business data over its entire lifecycle. The self-protecting file system offers continuous backup and fast recovery features to help enhance productivity and improve resource utilization.


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