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Rootshell has services and solutions to address your most pressing storage infrastructure needs.

Data Management and Storage Services

Data Protection Services

Rootshell has a rich portfolio of storage services to assist with all your storage needs, be they immediate analysis of your current storage, modernizing or updating your storage technology, or addressing your business assurance requirements. Rootshell can address new technology, whether it is virtual tape (VTLs), enterprise storage software, reduplication, encryption, or other requirements. Rootshell' industry leading expertise, coupled with our extensive knowledge based on field experience, can optimize your existing environment and develop reference architectures for the future.

Storage Optimization Services

Rootshell provides essential services and solutions for client's data lifecycle management initiatives that include storage infrastructure, disaster recovery, and data protection. Our independent mindset means we can match the right technology to the client's business requirements, resulting in lower infrastructure costs, increased data protection, and reduced backup times.

Federal Utility Storage Service

The Utility Storage Service offering provides clients with a flexible, full storage management solution, including associated storage hardware, software, support and maintenance with tiered SLA-based storage provisioning. This solution is ideal for large organizations that require a flexible infrastructure that allows them to respond to spikes in demand without "over-provisioning" and "over-paying" for capacity. Additionally, this service removes the need for large up-front capital expenditures for storage technologies and can be a cost-effective solution for SAN/NAS storage for Disaster Recovery or virtual tape backup solutions.

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