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Rootshell Big Data solutions - Tailored to your Industry and Business needs

In an information society, better information is our competitive advantage. Big Data represents a class of solutions that enable organizations to capture, analyse and mine very large sets of data to gain insight into a variety of problem domains ranging from customer preferences to complex forecasting.

From a technical perspective, Big Data leverages clusters of inexpensive commodity computers to tackle problems that were once reserved for the largest and most expensive mainframes. Modern infrastructure-as-a-service provides the rapid provisioning of servers and storage to facilitate the processing of 10′s, 100′s and 1000′s of terabytes of data. When complemented with approaches like Map Reduce, the once unimaginable power of massive data analysis can now be put in the hands of organizations who have limited budgets. Simply put, Big Data levels the playing field.

Develop your big data capabilities

  • Big data integration
  • Analytic solutions
  • Software development
  • Cluster configuration

Your big data solution starts with a Brainstorm

  • Solution roadmap
  • Big data architecture
  • Recommended infrastructure
  • Proof of concept
  • Delivery project plan

Rootshell has core competence and experience in Big Data analytics. We specialize in helping companies take advantage of Big Data in day-to-day operations and strategic analysis. With our in-house expertise and our Hadoop platform lab, we help you create Big Data solutions tailored to your industry and business requirements, and fine-tune those solutions over time.
Rootshell approach to leveraging Big Data

  • Take each client’s unique requirements to build a Big Data adoption roadmap and an architectural model
  • Deploy a fully-distributed Big Data configuration, with a cluster containing multiple nodes and initializing client data on the cluster
  • Write customized software to convert and store data in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), and analyze that data
  • Build user interfaces for presentation of data to clients using dashboards and other techniques
  • Execute Proofs of Concept to help each client understand the power of using Big Data tools, and what impact it can have on its business
  • Identify areas where Big Data tools can make maximum impact with minimum Investment.
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